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Geotechnical Investigations

Geotechnical Investigations
Total EACOP Geotechnical Investigations

Determining a new East African pipeline route for TOTAL

The project entailed geotechnical investigations for a Central Processing Facility (CPF) in Uganda and a pipeline to transport oil from the CPF 1100 kms to Tanga on the coast of Tanzania.

Lesotho Dam Geotechincal

Lesotho LHDA Dam Investigations - Oxbow and Senqu

The project, which incorporates a geotechnical investigation and Lugeon testing for a potential dam site is located at two remote sites, one at Senqu B and the other at Oxbow.

East London Harbour Quay Wall

The project required that we drill 6 holes (HQ3 size), with SPT’s, Shelbey’s and Shearvane testing, half a meter out into the sea from the Quay edge.

Geotechnical Investigations for AECOM | Stellenbosch, Western Cape, SA

In June 2020 AECOM commissioned Geomech Africa (Pty) Ltd. to assist with the drilling of four geotechnical boreholes, a total of 70 meters, at the abutments of the existing Distillery Road Bridge crossing the Plankenberg River near Bosman’s Crossing in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. The existing bridge is the only access to Bosman’s Crossing. Due to its narrow dimensions, the bridge width needs to be widened to accommodate the increase of traffic.