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Geomech Africa

GeoGroup Newsletter: May 2020

Catch up on the latest news and happenings in our May 2020 newsletter.

We are open for business!

GeoGroup is permitted for all essential lockdown requirements. "As per the draft Risk-adjusted strategy for economic activity issued by government, level 4 will come into effect on the 1st May 2020 which allows for certain construction activities to resume. The GeoGroup believes we will fall into these construction activities and as such will be in close communication with our ...

March 2020 Newsletter

Geo Group Newsletter: March 2020

March had much in store for us here at Geo Group. Read all about what we got up to in our most recent newsletter.

First Mining Magazine DRC-Zambia | Feature

First Mining Magazine DRC-Zambia | Feature

Geomech Africa was recently featured in the First Mining Magazine, DRC and Zambia.

Sonic Geo 601 Geomechanics' Dual head sonic drill rig

Geo 601 dual-head drill rig improves assessment of ground conditions at tailings dams facilities

Using sonic and rotary core drilling techniques in conjunction with each other leads to the extraction of good-quality samples for testing and leads to better understanding of the potential for a tailings dam failure.

Dave Rossiter Geomechanics

David Rossiter: Success built on adventure

The GeoGroup of companies recently celebrated their 30th anniversary and to mark the occasion, Nicolaas Steenkamp of African Mining Magazine met up with Dave Rossiter, founder and non-executive director of the GeoGroup.

GeoGroup awards for service of over 17 years

GeoGroup newsletter : January 2020

The GeoGroup thanks its customers for their support in 2019 and looks forward to a mutually prosperous 2020. This newsletter outlines some of our successful projects and people from the last couple of months.

DPSH testing to help identify founding conditions

Geomech Africa conducts a DPSH investigation in Langebaan, Western Cape to help identify the founding conditions and levels for a three-storey residence.

Ground conditions required that helicopters were used to move equipment and crews to position

Drilling in remote and dificult access locations: Lesotho LHDA dam geotechnical investigations - Oxbow and Senqu

Geomechanics was contracted by the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA) to drill and test two potential dam sites for the hydropower component of Phase II of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. These sites are in the Oxbow and Senqu areas.

Dave Rossiter, Non-executive Chairman and Founder of GeoGroup

Geomechanics: Continuous Investment ensures business longevity

Geomechanics celebrates 30 years of service to the geotechnical industry in Africa. Read here how Founder Dave Rossiter has managed the business to ensure its longevity.