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GeoGroup Code of Ethics

GeoGroup and it’s companies is committed to the following Code of Ethics.

Wherever we operate we will:

Develop, implement and maintain management systems for health, safety and the environment that are consistent with internationally recognised standards which enable us to:

  • Identify, assess and manage risks to employees, contractors and the environment.
  • Strive to achieve leading industry practice.
  • Meet and exceed applicable legal requirements.
  • Set and achieve targets that include reducing and preventing pollution.
  • Develop our people and provide resources to meet our targets.
  • Support the fundamental human rights of employees and contractors.
  • Respect the traditional rights of indigenous peoples.
  • Care for the environment and value cultural heritage.
  • Advise on the responsible use of our service.

Seek opportunities to share our success by:

  • Developing partnerships that focus on creating sustainable value for everyone
  • Building relationships based on honesty, openness, mutual trust and involvement, and share responsibility for meeting the requirements of this policy.
  • We will be successful when we achieve our targets toward our goal of zero harm and are valued by the communities in which we work.